Geauga Bow

The Big Northeast Ohio Pot Shoot

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
Geuaga Bow @ 6:30pm

This is one pot shoot you can not pass up. The buy-in is big and the payouts are even bigger, more challenging and more ways to win.

This pot-shoot has three ways to win:

  1. Skins Match ($10/end)
  2. Shooting for Pot between Ends
  3. A "Vegas-Style" Shootoff at the End

So let's start with the basics. We will be shooting on a five-spot target that night. Here are how the money portions work for this night's shooting:

  • Skins Match - The only one with 3 (or more) inside out X's (no touching the line) wins the Skins Pot. $10 added each end. Everybody is in on this. Max winnings - $120
  • Next, the standard Pot Shoot...$33 for each pull. No passing when your name is pulled so everybody will be pull twice and guaranteed two chances to shoot. Four pulls during the two practice ends and then two pulls during the regular 5-spot round. But there is a little switch up here. You won't be shoot an X ring. Instead you will be shooting at 1/2" solid dot on 3" x 5" index card. Hit (touch) the dot you win. If you won once, then you have to hit two dots. Max winnings - $1320.
  • "Vegas-Style" Shootoff - At the end, all the names go back into the can. Five names are pulled. As long as you keep shooting X's on 5-spot target you stay alive. Last man/woman standing gets $200 plus any Skins money left. If nobody hits an X on the first arrow than five (5) new names will be pulled. Max winnings - $200+

This pot-shoot is by pre-registration only (form below) and you pay your $100 to the Geauga Bow's PayPal account in advance. All food and beverages will be provide. Bring your beer if you want.

So register below, mark your calendars for September 16th, Saturday @ 6:30pm and come out to a serious fun pot shoot with some serious money. Enough to get that new hunting bow this fall.


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